How to download Torrents on Mac without Torrent clients using Folx


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As you might guess, I am now working on a Mac, to be specific an iMac 21.5 inch, and definitely old habits die hard. How can we survive without torrents? Just how? I think there should be a rehab for seeders and leeches… Just a thought. How will guys turn into the best developers and designers if not without torrents when they are totally broke? Not that am being biased. Also not forgetting people who might, chances are nearing nil, become movie directors because of the many movies and series they torrented every release date. Anyway, I will probably be causing a fluctuation of the internet speeds, but what the heck! Let’s do this!

So you organisation or institution has blocked torrents. How could they??? You ask. Well, you are hogging the internet and things can’t move. But where there is a will, there is always a way.

  1. Search like a Pro!

I know you heard the sad news the YIFY will no longer be sorting us those small-sized files which are very HD. I insist, V-E-R-Y  HD. Moving on swiftly, you need to get skills of how to search on Google like a pro. So, this is what you will be doing, I have done it everyday.

Key this in:movie name – site:torrent site

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.49.04 PM

2. Try to always go with the first indexed result. After that, click on download then let it download with Folx.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.54.36 PM

It will download the “.torrent”

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.54.54 PM

It will find the torrent files and give a popup for the torrent files like what a torrent client does

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.55.12 PM

You can see the file has seeding and downloading speeds.

3. Sit back and relax as it is downloading.

Now we can listen to music, watch movies and play games. But don’t forget the free accounts have limits.





info_hash is the 20 byte sha1 hash of the bencoded form of the info value from the metainfo file. Note that this is a substring of the metainfo file. Torrents have an info_hash or and torrent hash that represents the torrent as a whole with all its files (it’s actually a hash of the “info” section of the original torrent file), and is calculated using SHA1 encryption. I know the technical bit is not interesting, but a little introduction won’t harm. So today I will show you how to download files using info_hash just in case you don’t come across a magnet link in the torrent page that has your file.

It all started when I wanted to add more albums to my music Library. As a good “googler”, I searched for the name of the album and added the word “torrent” to be specific to the search engine. To my shock, the file was listed in a torrent site which was new to me. Going deep, No Magnet link….Now what? Went through the page and came across “info_hash”. Looked intriguing to me. Looked it up and life became easy as it will for you.

Follow these steps:

I. Go to the Online Magnet Link Generator:

Magnetic Link Generator romanr  II. Copy the info_hash or Torrent hash. The pictures are examples of info_hash

info hash Torrent Hash Torrent Tracker Info Hash Info Hash Base-16, Info Hash Base-32

Info Hash Number

Tip: When you see that the file your looking for has no seeders, Copy and Paste the info_hash into the search engine input box and look through the results for the ones that have seeders. As shown below: 

Seeders Lecchers Info Hash

The above site has no seeds, so I looked through other links on the results page of the search engine and got the below one which had at least a seeders.

torrentusIII. Paste it on the Online Magent Link Generator on the new opened tab.

Online Magnet Link Generator ConverterIV. Copy the name of your file as it is on your torrent site to the torrent name input.

Online Magnet Link Generator Converter Torrent NameV. Now click on Generate to get the Magnet Link.

Magnetic Link Generator ConverterVI To download the files, follow the instructions on this page on this blog: Downloading Torrents Without a Torrent Client but with IDM

Hope you enjoyed.

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