Oscobo : Privacy-focused search engine


Oscobo is the first UK-based Privacy Search Engine, providing consumers with pure search, nothing else. It does not track or store personal data, protecting users from unwanted profiling. Oscobo was founded in 2015 by two senior technology executives, Fred Cornell (ex-Yahoo) and Rob Perin (ex-BlackBerry), who believe that personal data should stay just that, personal. It does not place cookies and does not view a users’ IP address – Oscobo does not know who the user is and does not want to know.

Oscobo is headquartered in London.

This browser can be used to look up your prospective employees. I looked myself up, weird.

Try it because I find it very useful without ads plus it is showing my tweets 🙂 .


You can add it to your Chrome Extensions.


Ngeshlew Oscobo Search

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