To All First Years!!


When we join campus,we get to embrace, wait. We have no choice but to embrace what is happening around us. By that I mean, the Technology bit where you get a whole room of first years with laptops, a sound system and to make it worse, the talk geek. So how do you adapt. Interact with them, they usually don’t bit and they make come out as arrogant but in the long run, if you know how compromise, you will learn a lot.

These are the Tech items you really need in first year:


  1. Flash Disk preferably 8GB and above. Why that big? Yes, we want to also copy movies to watch other than notes and assignments. I don’t encourage you copy your friends’ assignment but if you are referring, that’s fine with me. Please don’t buy cheap fake one.
  2. Smart Phone. When I say smart phone, please don’t assume I mean those china phones with aerials, shiny silver plastic phones with these weird interface that has all in one features. No no. I mean the ones with Big brand names that are common like Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC (if you have that much cash) and etc. These phones is like your laptop, in fact it is your laptop! You can do anything with it! Watch Movies, play games (CandyCrush, Flappy Bird), watch movies in the landscape rotation, music, you download stuff and the greatest of all *drum rolls* DO ASSIGNMENTS in it!!!! That I learnt waaay before I got my laptop.
  3. Original USB Cable. If you have the smartphone, use the usb it came with. If you don’t, please don’t steal. It’s quite painful to find an original one. If you don’t have an original, go to a technology shop and buy one. You will always know how to differentiate a fake one.
  4. Phone Memory Card. Again it is same as Flash Disk but very mobile.
  5. Location of Computer Lab. Needless to say, the phone can be annoying and the wireless connection in the school can be down and you need to send an email or check what’s new on facebook. But please NEVER copy anything from the computers in the Computer Lab. NEVER! If you love yourself, leave alone others, don’t even let that thought of transferring data from them cross your mind. Free advice there. 🙂
  6. Laptop. As eager as you are to know what about the laptop am going to write, you will get your answers finally. It all depends with the company you have who will influence you in the choice of laptop you get. Be it friends from home, school, relatives, your boyfriend (a girl can’t influence the choice of a dudes laptop, no offence. UNLESS she’s your big sister.) and lastly for the wise, those who Google the question. For me being a smart guy together with my roommate,we went to inquire from the Chairmain of our Department. For my roommate, he still says he will buy the laptop ( 3 years later!!). Here comes the biggest mistake. Please DON’T forget to mention either to Google or to whoever you are asking for the advice, what you love. For me, am a Gamer and Coder. So I can say I got a laptop that plays low graphics game.
  7. All Wi-fi hotspots. This one is MANDATORY if you know that you have a purpose in life. Who lives without Internet Access?? Who? How do you know? Good question. You will see more than 5 guys on the same space or may be one selfish guy in a certain corner on their laptop who knows that place is a good hotspot and they won’t even sell that secret to anyone. Those will be where you will reside.
  8. A nocturnal body. Universities in Kenya are all the same. Internet is best at the wee hours of the morning. 1Am – 5am. If you need to sleep at that time, good for you. Benefits for the rest of us. I will give you this simple tip I got from the movie Undisputed 3. That reminds me I need to download it. Anyway, the quote goes like this: “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.” Boyka was being advised by a Black-American Boxer.
  9. An extension Cable. Guys guys! The hotspots have few sockets. Lets share the electricity. Help a brother.
  10. I almost forgot! Headphones!! It won’t cost you more than Ksh.1000. It does two things, keeps you happy when browsing through the internet (music). Two, keeps your personal stuff to yourself. We are not interested in listening to what your listening to. Whether it’s a video or music.

In summary, this is a what I got to learn when I was in first year in Taveta, Kenya. Hope you will learn from all this.


Lima Kilo

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