Instagram on your PC & Downloading Instagram Pics



As a Techie, am used to downloading new software that I come across and see how it helps me achieve what I want. I have no idea how I came across Pixsta. We all are, most of us btw are, on Instagram. I usually check out, on Instagram, very beautiful photos that I wish I could have them on my PC just to show people how creative and gifted guys are, I follow them, and they always follow me back 🙂 .

NB: Please, if you are a stalker, this is not a post for you. You will be jailed because you will turn out like this guy in Mariah Carey’s song “Obsessed”. He was weird. Even you ladies, Instagram is purely private but public at the same time which doesn’t make sense at all. Bottom line, be warned.

Anyway, I installed this application authored by SweetLabs, Inc. that leaves me smiling :). It has a fast image display and video playback and the best thing about it is… I CAN DOWNLOAD THE PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM!!!


Just follow the instructions to install Pixsta:

  1. Open Pixsta site and download Pokki/ Pixsta Installer for FREE!!!
  2. The moment Pixsta completes download, install it.
  3. You will be prompted for login details, if you haven’t registered, please do.
  4. Hoping you still have connected internet service, you will enjoy the app.

Now for downloading a picture,I had to use these two pictures that I loved among others and my friend Joan (Instagram) took them during the Mavumbini Derby match (Wazee vs Vijana):




It’s AWESOME! I know 🙂

  1. Click on the photo that you like or love.
  2. When it pops out, take your mouse to the bottom of the picture until the Download appears.
  3. Click on it and your happy.




Lima Kilo

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