Downloading Android Apps on PC to save on your Mobile Data Bundles


Hi people. It’s now 12:27am in the morning. Very cold.. I can hardly feel my fingers as they press hard on my keyboard, shivering! Waaar! Anyway, a year ago I got fed up buying bundles just to download an app which after no satisfaction, I deleted it after 2 hours. So I did some digging up and discovered there is always someone who went through this stress and decided to make my life and yours a bit bearable. Follow keenly:


I. Go to: APK Downloader.

screenshotII. Next Go to: Google Playstore




III. In the search box, type the app name and click on search. I searched for Instagram so here it looks like:



IV. Copy the URL on the playstore site and paste it on the apk downloader site:



V. Click on “Generate Download Link”. Then click on “download”.

VI. After complete download, transfer the app which has an extension “.apk” to your phone. Install it from there.

NB: Sign in into the PlayStore with your Gmail account which your phone uses to view whether the app is compatible or not.





Lima Kilo


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