IDM for Educational Purpose


Disclaimer: This should be for educational purpose. We at times get frustrated of how to get some online materials like tutorials, pictures… just any kind of file you want to put on your PC. Now the problem begins when you get the best downloader (IDM) and… it EXPIRES!!! You get this error: idmexpire For this reason, we are forced to get frustrated, very frustrated:

courtesy of mohammad_mubasshir

courtesy of mohammad_mubasshir

.. and this, leads to loss of hair, bones become brittle, skin becomes loose, teeth fall out.. wait, those are effects of ageing. 🙂 But all in all, frustration leads to ageing. So on the sidebar, please go to a laptop to view the sidebar if using phone or tablet scroll to the bottom of this page,  you will find the IDM link. Download it. Enjoy! Cheers!

Lima Kilo

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